avid movers moving services


Standard Move: 2 moving professionals will arrive at you pickup location. We will be clean and presentable and have a respectful manner. The movers will go over the work order with you and begin the moving process. All items applicable will be loaded in to the truck, secured and transported to the drop off location. The movers will then unload and place all necessary items in the location in which it belongs. When the move is complete the driver will do a walk through inspection with the client to insure complete satisfaction. After a final signature of the work order the move is complete.

Additional Stops: Upon scheduling a client may add additional stops to the itinerary. These stops shall be noted on the work-order prior to the move. Additional stops may change original price of the move.

Load and Unload Only: Our movers can arrive at you location with the proper tools and equipment to load or unload you storage container, truck or warehouse. We can also provide a number or protective items to insure you a safe arrival for wherever your items may be going.

Rearranging Furniture: At a discounted rate Avid Movers can rearrange your heavy furniture. We have the specialized tools and knowledge to get the job done carefully and efficiently.

Call us today for a free quote: Avid Movers offers an Exact Price Quote as well as Hourly Quotes. Remember there are NO HIDDEN FEES at anytime. That means when you receive a price, that is your price!